Get #HireReady

This series was first created to help veterinarians and veterinary nurses take advantage of the enforced shutdown taking place in New Zealand during the Covid-19 pandemic where we were all required to stay at home.

A series of simple easy-to-do steps, it’s valid for everyone who may find themselves looking for work and/or who wants to make sure they’re #hireready.

If you want help with making sure you’re #hireready please get in touch with either of our two recruiters:

Julie South – for permanent positions & locums

Noel Cunneen – for permanent positions

Day 1 #GetHireReady

Here’s Day 1 of helping you to get #HireReady in simple, easy steps – starting with your CV.

You’d be surprised at the number of times I have to squint and/or hunt through someone’s CV to find their contact details.

Make yours easy to find.

Take advantage of the document’s footer or header space – include your name + personal cell + personal email address on every footer or header of your CV.

Take care! Stay Home Get #GetHireReady